ideacircle is a series of weekly idea exchange and discussion events, held on Wednesday evenings, at ideaspace.

Each time, ideacircle covers a different topic, and hosts an influential featured speaker, such as a successful entrepreneur, an industry expert, or a thought leader, related to the topic. The featured speaker talks for about 30 minutes, telling a story from his/her experience, sharing insights, or whatever they choose. Attendees can then ask questions, but then it gets interesting when the speaker starts asking the audience questions instead, and this takes over for the rest of the event!

The objective is to start a discussion about trends, challenges and debates happening in the field related to the speaker’s topic. There is also always some time for networking during the breaks. The event is an opportunity to exchange ideas, find people interested in common interests, build teams for potential new projects, and generally build a community around innovation in the most important, relevant and current topics.

ideacircle events are open to the public, and always free; we even have light refreshments! So feel free to bring your friends along, and spread the word.